What does CCM do?

CCM aims to be a part of the solution to the 'cyber skills shortage' by matching mentors to mentees, developing mentors' skills and inspiring and motivating people in the information security industry.

Is there a fee to use your mentoring services?

​The mentoring services provided by CCM are a free service by volunteers and there is no fee involved.

I would like to become a mentor with CCM, how do I apply?​

We welcome volunteers who are professionals and respected in their fields to apply to become mentors, please contact us via the webform for more information.

What is the time commitment expectation for mentors?

The CCM mentoring commitment is expected to be for a 12 month period for each mentor/mentee placement. This is a self managed offering so other than some general monitoring and evaluation from CCM, and a commitment from mentors to provide 12 months for this, it is for mentors and mentees to agree when, where or how to meet, and the frequency and length of their sessions. The ongoing time commitment therefore varies according to the situation.

How are mentors and mentees matched?

Mentors and Mentees complete their profile and preferences and provide the information to CCM and stored/used by CCM for the purposes of this initiative. Please see the Privacy information from in relation to the storage and use of your data. CCM will use this information to match prospective mentors and mentees and will do an email introduction to them and the mentor and mentee then arrange their first meeting themselves.

Where will mentors and mentees meet?

Since we are an international mentoring scheme there are a number of ways you can meet by agreement with your mentoring partner. These may include face to face, phone, Skype & email. For face to face meetings, choose somewhere both mentoring partners feel comfortable. This may be away from the working environment in order to ensure privacy.

How long is the mentoring partnership for?

The CCM mentoring commitment is expected to be for a 12 month period for each mentor/mentee placement, and this may extend longer if the mentee requests this and the mentor is in agreement.

What resources or support does CCM provide to mentors and mentees?

CCM is working on documents, check lists and, a mentoring handbook to support both mentors and mentees

Do you have a code of conduct?

Yes, CCM values respectful and professional conduct and expect all of our mentors to sign a code of conduct. The code of conduct is available from this link.

What is your privacy policy?

We abide by the privacy principles as outlined on the page available from this link.

Who are your mentors?

Cyber Century Mentoring involves a wide range of experts from both New Zealand and Australia. These mentors are volunteers who have agreed to abide by the CCM Code of Conduct and provide appropriate mentoring to the mentees with whom they are matched. CCM Mentors are leading information security specialists from New Zealand and Australia who are respected and known as champions/enablers of change.

I'd like to become involved as part of the executive or admin team of CCM how can I do this?

At the moment we are starting small, to be able to balance all of our volunteer work with our actual paid work, family and relaxation time! We will be increasing our team of volunteers gradually. If you are interested in this please contact us at info@ccmentoring.org